What We Can Do for You

Grease Removal

We have been removing grease build ups from kitchen for the past 6 years. if you have any tough grease that needs removal anywhere in your Kitchen, our pros can help with cleaning it.

Floor Cleaning

Having a clean floor in the Kitchen / Restaurant is very important, it helps with a clean cooking environment, Grease and Germs build can stay in between tile / grout line forever if not professionally cleaned .

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Foods exposed to Greasy Fryer or Greasy Oven can expose serious Illnesses. Euclid Commercial Cleaning take pride when dealing with Grease Build-Ups any where in the kitchen to floor, Walls and Equipment.

Dining Area Cleaning

Viruses and Germs loves Dining Areas. Let Euclid Commercial Cleaning help with removing them with the best Health Standard techniques. We love Steam Cleaning Tables.